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I have been a practicing family law attorney since 2003. I have litigated every aspect of family law and divorce, including custody, support, restraining orders, and complex property division. I am an anaheim divorce lawyer that is based in the Orange County area. Miranda Family Law is different than many other law offices. Our retainer is usually lower than many other firms. I charge on a sliding scale so that anyone, from the millionaire to the single mother or father on a budget, can afford skilled legal representation without giving up their life savings. I also offer limited scope representation as another way for a client to control costs on his or her case. See our fee page for detailed fee information.

Over the years, many of my clients have come to me after firing their former attorneys. Often these attorneys have been practicing for years longer than I have. Sometimes they are even family law specialists, and yet, the client left that attorney feeling neglected, bitter, and completely dissatisfied. All the knowledge in the world matters little if the client doesn’t feel the attorney cares about their case. What I hear time and again from clients is that they left their former attorney because the attorney either didn’t listen to them, wouldn’t return their calls for days, talked down to them, made promises that were not kept, was not prepared for their hearings, was late for their hearings, wouldn’t advocate for what the client really wanted, made continuance after continuance, dragged their case on for years and years with little or no resolution of the issues most important to the client. This type of conduct particularly stings when you are paying $400 an hour of more for one of these attorneys to represent you.

I pay attention to the details of the case. In family law, the details are often crucial to the outcome of the case. I care about my clients, and I advocate for the issues that are important to them. I am deeply dedicated to providing excellent legal representation to each of my clients. I focus on your needs and concerns and am committed to advising you on every option available to resolve your dissolution efficiently and with as little conflict as possible.

Divorce is not the end of your life. Although it is probably one of the worst events anyone can go through, short of a terminal illness, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Many of my clients call me a few months after their divorce and tell me that they have moved on, that things are much better, much happier. People that were crying in my office when their case started, will laugh and tell me about the vacation they just took with their kids, or how their ex-spouse actually said something kind to them for the first time in months. Time heals a lot of wounds.


“Julia, your honesty and expertise gave us a peace of mind that we were in good hands and could trust your judgment and guidance to do the right thing for us. You were our saint. We were so fortunate to have you provide such a civil ending to a difficult situation.”

Lisa H