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Julia L. Miranda

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Over the years, many of my clients have come to me after firing their former attorneys. Often these attorneys have been practicing for years longer than I have. Sometimes they are even family law specialists, and yet, the client left that attorney feeling neglected, bitter, and completely dissatisfied. All the knowledge in the world matters little if the client doesn’t feel the attorney cares about their case. What I hear time and again from clients is that they left their former attorney because the attorney either didn’t listen to them, wouldn’t return their calls for days, talked down to them, made promises that were not kept, was not prepared for their hearings, was late for their hearings, wouldn’t advocate for what the client really wanted, made continuance after continuance, dragged their case on for years and years with little or no resolution of the issues most important to the client. This type of conduct particularly stings when you are paying $400 an hour of more for one of these attorneys to represent you. I pay attention to the details of the case. In family law, the details are often crucial to the outcome of the case. I care about my clients, and I advocate for the issues that are important to them. I am deeply dedicated to providing excellent legal representation to each of my clients. I focus on your needs and concerns and am committed to advising you on every option available to resolve your dissolution efficiently and with as little conflict as possible.

Julia L Miranda

Attorney Bio
Orange County family law attorney, Julia L. Miranda graduated with honors from California State University Fullerton, and subsequently graduated with high honors from Western State University Law School. She has been a practicing attorney since 2004. Her practice is exclusively devoted to all aspects of Family Law and the Dissolution of Marriage. Ms. Miranda is a dedicated and compassionate attorney who has settled and litigated all aspects of family law, including child custody and support issues, parental kidnapping, spousal support matters, division of property, (including community businesses), both civil and domestic violence restraining orders, as well as modification and enforcement of family law orders and judgments. Mrs. Miranda changed her business model in late 2017 to help the growing number of self represented litigants in the family law system. These unbundled or limited scope representation services save you money. She recognized that there are very few attorneys willing to give guidance, document preparation, and legal advice to the thousands of self-represented litigants, trying to navigate the confusing family law system. Ms. Miranda continues to litigate hearings and trials, while also focusing on assisting clients outside of court by guiding litigants on how to do it themselves for much less cost. The benefit to you is that you can use your litigation budget best by doing the simpler parts of the case yourself and focusing the attorney’s time on the complicated tasks that you do not think you can do effectively yourself, such as motion or hearing brief preparation. This way you keep greater control of your case than if an attorney was handling the entire case.

Ms. Miranda is also skilled in the enforcement of family law judgments and orders. She has extensive experience in the enforcement of judgments. Mrs. Miranda is skilled in all aspects of judgment enforcement including the preparation of writs of execution, levies, garnishment of wages, judicial foreclosure, sheriff’s sales, turnover orders, and third party claims. Mrs. Miranda is the recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award for Professional Responsibility and Trusts. She is admitted to practice in all California Courts, as well as the Eastern, Southern, and Central United States District Courts. She is a member of the California State Bar. Family Law Section, and the Orange County Bar Association Family Law Section


“I had the pleasure of meeting Julia Miranda in one of my greatest times of need. I had what I thought was a very hard case, especially being that I was 2100 miles away. Not only did she reassure me that there was hope, but she was also very professional and during my greatest time of need helped me see that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Not once, did I ever hang up the phone with questions still left on my mind.”

J. Hawkins